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Gotalien is a psychedelic hitech music project.

The human being behind the decks is Alberto, from Italy, planet Earth.

In 2012 Electric Moon Records releases the first Gotalien EP called “Weedout Sense”.

In 2013 he joins Noise Poison Records, a way to expand horizons, collaborate with many artists and play around the globe in parties and festivals.

In August 2015 his solo debut album “Quantomia” is released in Kamino Records.

Now he’s working in his hitech side project Gotavat (together with the Portuguese artist Mimic Vat), and his solo psychedelic side project UkaUka.


Gotalien is the hightec psychedelic project by Alberto Zatta, Italy. SOUNDCLOUD:
GOTALIEN1 month ago
Now Available on Bandcamp!
Gotalien - Landscapes, by Gotalien
track by Gotalien
GOTALIEN1 month ago
Masters of Puppets is near 💣
GOTALIEN is feeling energized.1 month ago
Kamino Records have been my home for the last several years. I had great exposure and amazing time working with Kashyyyk, Arcek and all the Kaminos.
I feel really blessed and honored for having been there, it's been one of my dreams that actually came true back in 2015 when my album Quantomia has been released.
I got to a point in my life in which i'm embracing various kinds of changes, and they are helping me to stay on track every day.
I’ll be joining a new label soon with my GOTALIEN project, which will be for sure a new chapter and a new challange for my music, finally getting back with a fresh mind and new inspirations.

EDIT: Gotavat goes independent for now, expect new releases soon.

Major updates will be shortly informed.
Thank you all once again for your love and support.
No challenges means no evolution.
Forever grateful.
GOTALIEN shared a photo.2 months ago
| On The Way To Ozora 2019 |

TODAY 18th of MAY
20:00 CEST
(23.30 Indian time; 15:00 Brazilian time)


Thank you Radiozora!
See you at OZORA Festival 2019! 🌈
GOTALIEN2 months ago
Travel to India canceled
GOTALIEN shared a post.2 months ago
Blasted Bindi blasting Babaji
Blasted Bindi
Blast from the (one month ago) past! In Pulsa Denura party, somewhere in Israel Track : GOTALIEN - Babaji

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