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Busy Bee Event Promoters mission is to provide the best promotional guys and girls, hostesses, ushers, promoters, exhibition staff, conference staff, manpower, anchors, emcee, models, runners & helpers for all kinds of events across India.\n

\n\nQuite often organisations have to put up stalls at various exhibitions, events, campaigns etc. with the objective of marketing the company and its product. You as a customer may sometimes go up to these stands to know more about the hype or you may choose to ignore it and walk away.\n
\n\nIn such occasions as the latter companies can lose potential target customers. The best way to deal with this issue is by hiring promoters. Imagine a dynamic and impeccably dressed person with a vibrant personality approaches you to have a look at the product that they have to offer, naturally you will be intrigued and would like to have a look because of how they caught your attention. That is exactly why event promoters come in handy.\n\nAditi Punjabi of Busy Bee Event Promoters leads the firm where more than 2000 event promoters work as a team across different cities in India for various events.\n\nBusy Bee Event Promoters offer such promoters, entertainers, anchors, hosts, ushers, models etc. especially for such company promotional events. Whether it?s a male or female promoter, or even foreigners Busy Bee Event Promoters have them trained so that they will get hold of your potential customers.\n\n

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