Jantar Mantar

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Jantar Mantar is a science of inclusion and based on electronic dance music.Music and yoga are two different words but the complete satisfaction is in the music which chains body and mind together as introspection.elecrtonic dance music transformation and alliance netted in consciousness and eternity. its time to move onto next step in the psychedelic revolution.Through all of history mankind has ingested electronic music substances,those substances exist to put yo in touch with spirits beyond yourself,with the creator,with the creative impulse of the planet..kiran is a proprietor of "jantar mantar' record and events company,here by inviting all music lovers to have a look into this wonderful and exiting stage to explore every single thread of music and its essence.i personally request all you wonderful people to cope and join hands and make it a energising platform of opportunity.last but not the least i here by inviting all artists all aver world make this stage magically jantar mantar.....

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