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Vikas J was born and raised in India (Pune City), He fell in love with Electronic Music at a very young age of 14.During his ups and downs of life period young Vikas J started to test his musical skills on late 2006?s various DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Since then he never looked back as he mastered his skills in it.\n\nAfter a long journey of experimenting, He thought of making a fine career in the music industry.\n\nHe first started training himself as a DJ giving a break on music production, Once Vikas J had experienced the DJ console , He decided to push back DJing till he masters all the remaining production stuff.\n\nAnd today by his own effort n struggle Vikas J stands out as a finest Dj and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Producer of India.\n\nHis Music Artwork has been recognized as the creativity logo of India.\n\nHis choice has never been bollywood as he was interested in International music production he has made several original mixes which are also on worlds official original releases .\n\nBeing in India Vikas J thought of building up fan base in his own country. So he started giving his shots at the bollywood music in the form of ?Remixes?

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