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About Keen Venturers\n\nThe world of nature fascinates us all, some a bit more than others.\n\nNature is where i belong,\nThat?s my temple,\nIts what make me strong,\nForest, lakes, seas and rivers,\nEven the snow extends warmth,\nI hardly shiver.\n? Kanwar Singh (Founder Keen Venturers and Trekkers)\n\nThat?s how our journey began. It started as a hobby, turned into passion which finally paved way to the vocation of Venturing.We started small but have & always will aim for the stars!!!!\nStarry Night\nIf nature is your passion, we are happy to lead you to your next destination.\nTrust us to be your guide, as been a Nature Tourist will give you the opportunity to venture into unforeseen lands where adventure & self realisation awaits you.\nIf nothing it will be a test of your agility:-) and uplift your spirit as nothing can beat the feeling of being Alive & kicking and you know what is on top of a mountain :-)

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