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We at CampExpeditions are all about Back To Basics. We believe in experiencing nature and the natural ways of living.\n\nFirst time camper? Don't get intimidated as camping is simple, almost unbelievably cheap and a lot of fun. Going camping is like having a barbecue or a dinner party, just somewhere amazingly beautiful. It is the most quality time you spend together as a group, actually enjoying each other's company instead of shouting over loud music at a bar or party.\n\nThe ability to travel light is an art ? especially when you haven?t the slightest clue about the place you?re travelling to. Hence, we take care of your stay, sleep and food by providing you with good quality tents, sleeping bags, clean home-cooked village food and all the basic things you would require to stay amongst wilderness and get into the tranquility zone. We also arrange for fun activities like campfire, barbecue, fishing, lake rafting & swimming.

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