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ADDventures Unlimited is a dream of dedicated activity holidaying enthusiasts wanting to tell the world that God?s design has to be seen, experienced, felt, touched, nurtured, developed and shared totally, thoroughly and transcendentally. Nature has catalysed the creative juices of man over centuries of evolution and will continue being inspirational. It has now embraced a spectrum of learning expertise over a horizon of intensity that NATURE is being offered to us as solace, peace, healing cure, therapy, stress buster and catalyst for rejuvenating our efficiencies and effectiveness across Board Rooms, laboratories, markets and Class rooms.\n\nAlthough India has some of the most breathtaking and geographically diverse terrains in the world?forests, mountains, beaches, deserts and more?it is only in the last few years that they have become hot spots for activity based holidays?offering both Indian and international travellers world-class facilities for all the thrills and action that you can imagine. ADDventures Unlimited has grown into this gap and has embarked on walking along a glorious path in its vision. We have set our vision across the border for we realise that this is a flat, hot, crowded and a borderless world.

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