Online Marketing for Events, Venue, Services

In the past events, venues, services marketing used to be as simple as handing out flyers, taking out some newspaper ads, few radio sponsorship’s or hiring street teams. Four to five marketing channels and you were golden. Now, you need to be on top of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, Bing, video marketing, online ticketing and many other things. Events & venues managers just do not have the possible bandwidth to do it all, and most can’t afford to hire all the talent needed to oversee a full plan.

How does it work?

Step 1: Create a Profile then add a Event/Listing or you just contact us, and we’ll set up a profile best suited for your niche.

Some of the most popular services that includes:

Explore servicesDiscovery, Planning Strategy

We examine all aspects of your business: its market base, target audiences and competitors. We work to know everything about your touch points and sales process so we can establish key objectives, develop distinct positioning, craft powerful messages and deliver an ultra-precise communications strategy that reaches to your audience.

Google Paid Marketing – Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC promotion is one of the most effective ways to quickly increase traffic to your website, and measure exactly how much it costs to generate each lead. Google PPC ads are structured to reach your target market, right when they’re searching for you.

Online Services for Events

The ads are displayed at the top of Google results when search for various keywords. With the search partners feature it will extend the reach of Search ads to hundreds of non-Google websites (like AOL), as well as Google Maps, YouTube, and more, thus driving traffic to your campaign. This advertising format is incredibly effective because it targets an active searcher. The Search Network connects advertisers to people actively looking for particular products or services.

Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are designed to find the best places for your ad across the Google or Bing Display Networks, based on growth graphkeywords, topics, interests, or demographics. These sites range from blogs to news sites, even YouTube, and is referred to as a display ad network. Your ads can be automatically matched to websites and other placements (like mobile phone apps) when your targeting is related to the sites’ content.

Social Media Ads

Social Media is an incredibly efficient way to reach customers. You can drive sales by reaching people interested in your business right where they’re looking—on their phones, tablets, and computers. Its one of the most important tools planners and marketers can use to disseminate information about events and meetings, interact with attendees, solicit feedback, and create year-round engagement with a target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Need help getting your events, services, venue ranking better in search? Having your website ranking near the top of Google for important keywords has never been more important. Since over 50% of clicks go to the first 3 results on Google, the difference between top of page one, or not, can be the difference between selling out your show, or not!

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