Poetry For The True Valentines (PFTtV)

Kolkata, West Bengal, India


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“poetry for the true valentines” is a music band of some music lovers. This band’s music pattern is experimental rock. At first the band had another name & other members, but now they have changed the setup and re-united with some new members and without some old members, with the name “poetry for the true valentines”…..
The band’s official establishment date is 14 February, 2010; On valentines day. Because, their music specially for the heart broken kids and the true valentines. The band members are – satya, baisayan, bisu, pappu, saheb, raja.
The members are not only band members but they are very good friends & brothers. They love, teach, care for each other. They are not just a band they are a family of some brothers.
So the true valentines may give them your well wishes and love. Because, when the love is true then the GOD bends his rules.

☠ Vocal / Lyrics– Satya Bandhu Baidya(satya)–Sátéxy,

☠ Guitar– Baisayan(Sayan)–Jeo,

☠ Guitar– Biswajit(Bisu)–Dj Ashba,

☠ Bass– Srijit(Pappu)–Mr. Carrey,

☠ Keyboard– Soumyajit(Saheb)–Richard,

☠ Drums– Ratnadeep(Raja)–The Ultimate Powerhouse Generator,

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